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Clean Spaces, Healthy Patients Concurrent Session

In honor of the Environmental Services Week, Clean Spaces, Healthy Patients has made available the 2012 APIC Annual Conference concurrent session: Clean Spaces, Healthy Patients.

1. “The Role of Environmental Surfaces in Disease Transmission”

Speaker: Jon Otter, PhD

2. “Self Disinfecting Surfaces: Use of Antimicrobial Impregnated Surfaces and Using Persistent Antimicrobials in the Patient Environment”
Speaker: David J. Weber, MD, MPH

3. “Methods for Assessing the Adequacy of Practice and Improving Room Disinfection”
Speaker: Philip C. Carling, MD

4. “Does Improved Disinfection Reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections?”
Speaker: Curtis Donskey, MD

5. “Best Practices for Disinfection of Noncritical Surfaces and Equipment”
Speaker: Nancy Havill, MT (ASCP)

[/expand][expand title=”Building the Business Case for Infection Prevention/Environmental Services Resources” rel=”animal-highlander”]

Building the Business Case for Infection Prevention/Environmental Services Resources: Three Facilities Achieve Success

Length: 75 minutes

Registration for the on-demand version here.

AHE members: Please contact ahe@aha.org for complimentary access code.


William Rutala, PhD, MPH, CIC “Role of Environmental Services in Preventing HAIs: What a CEO Needs to Know”

Kathy Roye-Horn, RN, CIC Marita Nash, MBA, CHESP “It Takes Money to Make Money: A Lesson for the C-suite”

Debra Hurst, RN, BSN, CIC “Partnering for Excellence”



Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the role of surfaces in diseases transmission and how environmental services can assist in prevention
  2. Describe a successful approach to obtaining infection prevention resources in a community teaching hospital.
  3. Discuss the relationship between Mission and Margin.
  4. Describe three ways that partnering with Infection Control can benefit the environmental services program
  5. Identify desired program outcomes, relevant
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    costs, and projected benefits.


William Rutala, PhD, MPH, CIC will present data on the role of environmental services in preventing infections and the associated cost benefit.

Kathy Horn, RN, CIC and Marita Nash, MBA, CHESP will discuss their approach to obtaining the resources they needed to build a robust infection prevention program at their community teaching hospital. Using feedback from their hospital CEO, they will describe how their approach was viewed successfully by their ‘C-suite’.

Debra Hurst, RN, BSN, CIC will present details on how Rogue Valley built up their infection control program from the foundation up with buy in from the fundamental departments including Environmental Services and Nursing.
[/expand][expand title=”Practical Tips for Understanding Research” rel=”animal-highlander”]

Practical Tips for Understanding Research

Length : 60 minutes

Registration for the on-demand version here.

AHE members: Please contact ahe@aha.org for complimentary access code.


Speaker: Marilyn Hanchett RN, MA, CPHQ, CIC, senior director, Research and Clinical Innovation

Using evidence-based practices means that we must first understand what the evidence is saying. Analyzing the evidence can seem difficult and daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! In this program we will apply simple yet very effective tips for understanding a scientific study and explain some of the most commonly reported statistics in these types of research articles. Examples will be presented that demonstrate the importance of research to EVS and strategies to move published evidence into actual use in healthcare settings.




Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the basic structure of a research study
  2. Explain common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid when reading studies
  3. Describe the basic statistics used in research and how to interpret them

Download the webinar handouts here and accompanying AJIC article.

[/expand][expand title=”Measuring Clean: Audit Tools and Practices” rel=”animal-highlander”]

Measuring Clean: Audit Tools and Practices

From the 2012 AHE Webinar Series

Length: 75 minutes

View the on-demand webinar here.


Speaker: Philip Carling, MD, director of Infectious Diseases and Hospital Epidemiology at Carney Hospital, Boston, MA

Research studies have shown that microorganisms can live and thrive for days, weeks and months in the environment on inanimate surfaces. If this is the case how can we ensure that the surfaces we clean and disinfect are really clean?
Some believe that direct covert observation is sufficient for certain surfaces. Others advocate use of ATP technology or fluorescent marker systems.Yet, still others support use of

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a combination of these technologies as well as other practices, emphasizing that the combination provides the ideal level of effectiveness.

Which is it? What does current research point to as the most effective technology in the measurement of clean? How can we effectively

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mitigate the risk factors associated with these technologies? And what methodologies and practices get us to accurate and consistent cleanliness measurements?

Join environmental expert and physician Dr. Phil Carling as he takes us on a deep dive into the pristine waters of hygienic cleaning and measurement.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore strategies for optimizing compliance with CDC recommended Level I Environmental Hygiene Practice
  2. Determine how to best evaluate environmental cleaning practice from conventional and enhanced monitoring approaches
  3. Review and discuss the benefits of CDC Level II Programs

[/expand][expand title=”“Best” Practices for Surface Disinfection” rel=”animal-highlander”]

“Best” Practices for Surface Disinfection

Length: 60 minutes

Registration for the on-demand version here.

AHE members: Please contact ahe@aha.org for complimentary access code.

Speaker: William Rutala, PhD, MPH, CIC, director of Hospital Epidemiology, Occupational Health and Safety Program, University of North Carolina Health Care, Chapel Hill, NC

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the CDC Guideline for Disinfection and Sterilization: Focus on environmental surfaces.
  • Review the use of low-level disinfectants and the activity of disinfectants on key hospital pathogens.
  • Review “best” practices for environmental cleaning and disinfection.
  • Discuss options for evaluating environmental cleaning and disinfection.
  • Review “no touch” methods for room decontamination.

Download the webinar handouts here.
[/expand][expand title=”Knowledge to Action in the Healthcare Environment: Critical Competencies” rel=”animal-highlander”]

Knowledge to Action in the Healthcare Environment: Critical Competencies

Length: 60 minutes

View the on-demand recoding here.

AHE members: Please contact ahe@aha.org for complimentary access code.

Speaker:Patti Costello, executive director Association for the Healthcare Environment
Speaker:Ruth Carrico, PhD, RN, FSHEA, CIC, associate professor, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY
Duration: 60 minutes Available through:12/31/2015


This session is applicable to all healthcare personnel involved in any healthcare setting where the environment can be a source of disease transmission. Common scenarios will be used to demonstrate the application of practice competencies critical in training and monitoring of performance. An approach that supports

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transprofessional and interdisciplinary teams as critical to success will be reviewed and specific examples provided. Upon completion of the session, the participants will have a working knowledge of practice competencies and their value in infection prevention. Further, the participants will be introduced to practical approaches to the development and use of transprofessional and interdisciplinary teams as part of the improvement process.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Introduce application of infection prevention competencies for all healthcare personnel instrumental in addressing the role of the environment in the transmission of organisms.
  2. Apply knowledge using case scenarios that demonstrate the importance and value of an approach that can be universally applied.
  3. Demonstrate the critical nature of transprofessional and interdisciplinary teams in order
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    to address the complex issues involved in environmental infection prevention and control.

Download the webinar handout here.

[/expand][expand title=”Role of Surfaces in the Transmission of Emerging Healthcare-Associated Pathogens” rel=”animal-highlander”]

Role of Surfaces in the Transmission of Emerging Healthcare-Associated Pathogens: Norovirus, Clostridium difficile and Acinetobacter spp

Length: 60 minutes

View the on-demand recoding here.

AHE members: Please contact ahe@aha.org for complimentary access code.

Speaker: William Rutala, PhD, MPH, CIC, director of Hospital Epidemiology, Occupational Health and Safety Program, University of North Carolina Health Care, Chapel Hill, NC

The Clean Spaces, Healthy Patients project brings together leaders

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in infection prevention and environmental services. Collaboratively, they deliver practical strategies to endorse processes to improve patient outcomes and operational efficiencies. Clean Spaces, Healthy Patients is a collaborative between APIC and the Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE).


Download the webinar handouts here.

[/expand][expand title=”Environmental Services Infection Prevention and Control Bundle” rel=”animal-highlander”]

Environmental Services Infection Prevention and Control Bundle

Author: Ruth Carrico PhD, RN, FSHEA, CIC

The impact pathogenic microorganisms play in disease transmission within the healthcare environment has never been so well appreciated. We fully recognize that interventions focusing on preventing infection transmission require a collaborative, sustainable approach. Utilization of bundles, or groups of activities, to address specific practice issues have been successful in areas such as:

  • prevention of central line-associated bloodstream infection
  • surgical site infection
  • ventilator-associated pneumonia

So how can we apply these successful examples to the healthcare environment?

The Environmental Services Infection Prevention and Control Bundle is a group of activities that represent critical interventions for assuring a clean and disinfected environment. It is noteworthy that these activities are not the sole responsibility of the environmental services personnel, but represent shared responsibilities among all staff whose job performance involves protecting the patient from infection. In other words, prevention of infection is everyone’s business; so each of us plays a vital role.

The development of an Environmental Services Infection Prevention and Control Bundle builds upon competencies introduced by Carrico et al (2008) and aligned with the Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) publication “Practice

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Guidance for Healthcare Environmental Cleaning”

Watch the two part education webinar below and download the EVS Bundle accompanying resources here

Part 1

Part 2